Sperre marine compressor

S.S.G. Shipping Services B.V. is an international supplier of Sperre marine compressor spare parts. We have been active in the marine industry for more than 20 years and are specialized in delivering spare parts, technical solutions and machinery for all kinds of vessels. S.S.G. is based in the Netherlands.


We supply the Sperre marine compressor spare parts for sectors such as offshore, oil & gas, dry cargo and tankers. Over the years we have established good relationship with various international known manufacturers, such as Sperre. The Sperre marine air compressors include high standards, safety, low energy consumption and are innovative providing our customers many advantages.


If you would like to receive additional information regarding the Sperre marine compressor, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to support you. You can reach us via telephone number: +31 10-246-90-04. Or you can send your questions and inquiries to info@ssg.nl.

Next to sperre marine compressor we also provide the brand Tamrotor and J.P. Sauer.

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